Permanent Make-up Long Time Liner, performed in Spa 43 had the following benefits:
  • it’s natural– only natural mineral colors used
  • safe  – with all attested certificates
  • tested– known worldwide for over 20 years
Permanent make-up has been created for women who want to look attractive all the time: at work, on a banquet, in a theatre, in a swimming pool or at the gym. We all dream to look perfectly and naturally. There are three decisive elements: eyes, eyebrows and mouth. It is seldom to meet our expectations concerning the look of the three above. Thanks to Long Time Liner we can be close to ideal without spending a lot of time on everyday make-up. Permanent make-up is used to beautifully shape the mouth and eyebrows and to delicately stress the eye lines.
In Spa 4, permanent make is conducted by a certified lingerist who individually chooses the colors. On the first visit a sampling and consultation is made and all details are discussed with the patient.
Mouth contour 700 PLN
Mouth contour with filling 1200 PLN
Lip Light illumination over mouth contour 200 PLN
Upper eye lines 700 PLN
Upper eye lines – decorative 900 PLN
Down eye lines 450 PLN
Eyebrows – shading method 900 PLN
Eyebrow – hair stroke method 1200 PLN
makijaż permanentny mokotow