Make-up and styling is best recommended before a grand event. We use prestige brand cosmetics, such as: Chanel, Guerlain, La Prairie, Yves Saint Laurent and Kiko. The type of make-up is adjusted to the occasion.

Day make-up – it is an ideal solution before a business event, a job interview or another important meeting. It is made done with light consistency cosmetics which cover skin imperfections and give a fresh and elegant look.

Price – 110 PLN

Evening make-up – stronger and more refined than the day make-up, it has to be perfect and lasting the whole evening.

Price – 130 PLN

Wedding make-up – it is a combination of evening, day and photo make-up. It emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride and a luminous look all weeding day long.

Price – 160 PLN

Eyelashes extension

Eyelashes extension is a fast way to increase the volume and length of eyelashes.

In Spa 43, it is performed with 1 to 1 method, which means that to each natural eyelash, an artificial one is attached. It gives a very natural and long-lasting effect. When losing natural eyelashes, we lose the artificial ones as well. It means that after some time (mostly after 3 weeks) it is necessary to refill them.

Long attractive eyelashes create the optical impression of a bigger and more open eye. Eyelashes extension is a great way to look good around the clock. You save time on the morning make-up and evening make-up removal. It is also fantastic for sportive people, where traditional make-up may smear. Also, working mothers will appreciate the saved time.

Eyelash extension with 1:1 method 350 PLN
Eyelash re-fill 150 – 250 PLN
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