Endermologia Warszawa
Body Health fights against cellulite and partial obesity. It also covers scars and stretch marks reduction.
Body Health is based on vacuum therapy and is performed with a high pressure head. The skin is sucked in and massaged by the head. As a result:
• the body is modeled,
• the volume is decreased
• the skin is softer and firm
• lymphatic and water systems are stimulated and the liquids (toxins)

are eliminated from the organism.

 For who recommended:
Body Health is a great solution for the women who want to go back to
their silhouette after pregnancy. The treatment is also safe for pregnant


Body Health relieves heavy and swollen legs. It is an ideal solution for
men as it is highly effective in reducing local obesity, e.g. abdomen or


Price: 120 PLN

Duration: 35 min.

Package of 10 treatments 1000 PLN