manicure | pedicure

Traditional Manicure is one of the most popular treatments at Spa 43 Mokotów and has been highly appreciated by our clients for years. We make it using ESSIE cosmetics and traditional equipment. Traditional manicure makes your hands smooth and beautiful. All instruments used in traditional procedures are fully sterilized.

Hybrid Manicure is a permanent and harmless to nails manicure, which is an alternative to tips and lasts for two to three weeks. Hybrid manicure at SPA43 Warszawa Mokotów is made based on professional ESSIEcosmetics. The innovative ESSIE formula has been enriched withkeratin and vitamins B5 and E, which means that the nails can be kept in excellent condition.

We invite you to two treatments at the same time, e.g. manicure and pedicure at the same time!

Japanese manicure – a complete novelty on the Polish cosmetic market

It is a method that strengthens our natural nails, giving them the shine of a Japanese pearl. The treatment gives the nails shine, supplies them with natural ingredients, vitamins A + E, bee pollen and silica from the Japanese sea.

It is a method recommended for people who have brittle, brittle and split nails.

To obtain the expected results, the treatment should be repeated every 2-3 weeks.

Hybrid Pedicure (Shellac)

Hybrid pedicure is the perfect pedicure for a holiday or business trip. It is an alternative to gel nails, it does not damage the nail plate and is more resistant to abrasion than regular color varnish. The nails are shiny and strong, and the varnish does not chip off or become dull.