Lip augmentation

Beautiful, natural, full and moisturized!

With hyaluronic acid, we can model and enlarge the lips in any way, depending on the client’s needs. However, the end result depends on your own lip shape and softness, the susceptibility of the labia red. For about 2 weeks after the treatment, hyaluronic acid adapts to the skin structure, arranges itself, achieving the final result. Introduced into the skin, it binds water, rebuilds the skin structure, and improves the functioning of cells. As a result, the lips become more tense, flexible and firm.

The preparations with hyaluronic acid used in aesthetic medicine are in the form of a gel which, when administered subcutaneously, not only moisturizes, but also fills. Therefore, these preparations are suitable for filling deep furrows and modeling the oval of the face. The molecules of biosynthetic acids used in aesthetic medicine clinics are fully biocompatible, so the treatment with hyaluronic acid is safe and does not cause an allergic reaction. The results of lip augmentation last for 9 to 12 months, depending on individual circumstances and the rate of absorption of the preparation. Lip augmentation as well as emphasizing deep wrinkles are visible immediately after the treatment. You have to wait a few weeks for the effect of skin revitalization after the mesotherapy treatment.

Lip augmentation effects