Lifting 3D – Body modeling – Fighting cellulite

Innovative body shaping

iMOOS ™ is the most modern method of body contouring. The electromagnetic wave technology used allows you to perfectly deal with adipose tissue, cellulite and lack of firmness. Selected and unique technologies in the iMoos device make the treatments extremely effective, fast and very comfortable for each client.


How does iMoos work?

The iMOOS ™ technology uses the combined action of the rotating RWT head, electromagnetic waves in the form of a multipolar radio wave with a frequency of 4.68MHZ and a vacuum massage.

  • RWT head an innovative rotary head, an excellent method to fight fat deposits, increasing the depth of penetration. The rotating body treatment head provides a completely new dimension of slimming, firming and body shaping. Thanks to its rotating function, it allows it to work on all levels of the skin, improving metabolic processes and active fat removal
  • MPRF technology is a multipolar radio wave, operating spatially at all levels of the skin, both on shallow and deep structures. In addition, a real-time tissue temperature monitoring system that guarantees the target tissue heating.
  • Vacuum massage combines the technique of lymphaticdrainage and vacuum massage. During the treatment, the head sucks the skin layer, creating a vacuum. It helps to improve the blood supply to adipose tissue, providing an increased dose of oxygen necessary for fat burning and cellulite reduction. Additionally, vacuum massage significantly increases the depth of radio and infrared wave penetration.


IMOOS ™ treatments allow you to achieve quick treatment results in a safe and comfortable way. The technology of the unique head and specialized, multipolar waves allows you to selectively reach the adipose tissue and thicken the skin structures. The effects of changing the skin structure are visible after the first treatment. The widely available treatment programs allow for: 3D buttock lifting, thigh slimming, abdominal modeling, fat and cellulite removal, and firming the skin of the whole body.



Waves and rotation break down and liquefy fat cells and remove them through natural metabolic processes.


Vacuum massage uses lymphatic drainage and vacuum, thanks to which it effectively breaks down cellulite.


The waves work on all levels of the skin to rebuild collagen and elastin fibers.


Strong tension and thickening of skin structures caused by strong oxygenation, nutrition and wet circulation.

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