Hydradermie guinot

The most comprehensive and unique method of skin care. Within an hour, the skin is deeply cleansed, moisturized, revitalized, oxygenated and relaxed.

This is the most famous and unique Guinot treatment, the active ingredients of which are individually adjusted by the beautician to the needs of the skin. The treatment involves introducing active ingredients into the skin with the use of iontophoresis. Under the influence of high-frequency current, we oxygenate cells and stimulate their intercellular activity. The skin is deeply cleansed, moisturized, revitalized, oxygenated and relaxed.



The effects are already visible after the first treatment. Within over an hour, the skin is deeply cleansed, moisturized, revitalized, oxygenated and relaxed. It becomes like “new”.

The treatment is completely painless, it can be used once or in a series of three treatments or as a prophylactic treatment – once a month. A monthly treatment will help keep the skin in perfect health, radiant with beauty all year round. After the treatment, we recommend Guinot cosmetics to help keep the skin in good condition until the next treatment.

Hydradermie Lift

This treatment is a natural face lift. Effectively smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin of the forehead, cheeks, neck, eyelid contour, and shapes the contour of the face. It provides a “youth revolution” by stimulating the facial muscles, improving their tension around the forehead, cheeks, neck and eyelids. The treatment lifts facial features, giving it a youthful appearance.

The treatment is amazing with its effectiveness. The results are visible after the first session. The face is smooth, tense and modeled. Hydradermie Lift is recommended as a series of three treatments, especially after the age of 35. As part of the Hydradermie Lift program, we can offer Hydradermie Lift and Hydradermie Lift de Luxe treatments.

Hydradermie Lift de Lux

It is a more comprehensive treatment because it combines Hydraderma and Hedradermia Lift. The Hydradermie Lift De Luxe Double Ionization program is a unique, unique, most comprehensive and individualized method of skin care using facial gymnastics. The combination of two Guinot programs provides comprehensive anti-aging care.

• Smoothes and fills wrinkles
• Models and improves the oval of the face
• Stimulates the cellular activity of the skin
• It gives an impulse to strengthen the work of the muscles
• Exercises the muscles of the face and neck

Hydradermie Lift Yeux Eyes

It is a natural eye lifting performed with the use of ball electrodes. It improves tension, restores firmness, reduces “crow’s feet”, improves microcirculation, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

During the HYDRADRMIE LIFT YEUX treatment, the beautician performs a massage with ball electrodes on the muscles around the eye to improve the firmness and tension of the skin in this area. Thanks to the method of using microcurrents, the treatment effectively prevents skin aging processes, minimizing the need for radical surgical measures.

The unique effects of the treatment are:
• Smoothing wrinkles, including “crow’s feet”
• tightening and strengthening of the skin
• reduction of shadows under the eyes
The effects are visible after the first treatment. For the best results, we recommend a course of 3 treatments, once a month.
In addition to the treatment, we recommend extremely effective Guinot cosmetics for the care of the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Hydradermie Bust

A comprehensive treatment that radically improves the appearance of the bust. Moisturizes, tightens the skin of the breasts, shoulders and cleavage, also minimizes stretch marks. It prevents premature loss of skin firmness, cares for the unique skin of the breasts. This treatment was awarded by the Beauty monthly.