eat skin shock

Non-invasive firming of the skin, reduction of cellulite and fat tissue, perfectly shapes the body, eliminates scars and stretch marks.

The SkinShock treatment is an innovative solution for non-invasive skin firming, and is used in anti-cellulite therapy. It perfectly improves cellular metabolism, reduces swelling and removes metabolic waste products. It is also used to reduce scars and stretch marks.

What is the Skin Shock treatment?

EAT SkinShock is carried out using a patented head that uses a combination of acoustic and electric waves that affect a specific area of ​​tissue simultaneously. Thanks to this technology, the treatment causes immediate firming and rejuvenation of the body through the regeneration and reconstruction of tissues and increased production of collagen.

What areas is the EAT Skin Shock treatment applied to:

  • abdomen
  • sides
  • buttocks
  • thights
  • arms

The treatment is recommended for people who have problems with:

  • loose skin
  • skin devoid of firmness and elasticity
  • stretch marks
  • cellulite
  • scarred

Eat SkinShock technology is based on a combination of acoustic and electric waves simultaneously affecting a designated area of ​​tissue through a patented head.


The effectiveness of EAT SkinSkock has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. Thanks to the treatment, the following occurs:
• collagen reconstruction
• reduction of scars
• reduction of stretch marks
• firming sagging skin
• improvement of skin tone and texture
• increasing skin tension and elasticity
• smoothing out inequalities after liposuction and lipolysis
• elimination of metabolic by-products

What treatments can DkinShock be combined with?
In order to select the optimal treatments, we recommend talking to our cosmetologist. For example, in order to intensify the effect, we recommend combining the SkinShock treatment with the Exilis or Body Health treatment.

Recommendations after the procedure:

After the procedure, you should drink more fluids.



• pregnancy
• varicose veins
• thrombosis
• Parkinson’s disease
• multiple sclerosis
• Cancer
• epilepsy
• open wounds at the treatment site
• implanted pacemaker
• no feeling in the treatment area
• use of anticoagulants
• metal implants in the vicinity of the treated areas

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the area of ​​the treatment, an average of 30 to 60 minutes.

How many treatments are recommended?
The first effects are noticeable after 3-4 treatments. For an optimal effect, you need to take a series of 6-8 treatments, with an interval of 2 to 4 days. After such treatment, the effects are more long-lasting.
How long does the SkinShock treatment take?

The duration of the procedure is approximately 30 minutes.

After what time will I see the effects?
The first effects are noticeable after 3-4 treatments.