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Our mission is an individual and comprehensive approach to the beauty of the body and mind. We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments for the face, body and hands. We provide advice, make styling, and help you choose the right cosmetics for each type of skin.

Your asylum of beauty

In the heart of the Eko Park estate in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, in Warsaw’s Wola at Jana Kazimierza Street and in the center of Warsaw at al. Jana Pawła II, there are three modern Beauty Spa Centers 43, where our clients indulge in comprehensive beauty treatments in a friendly and intimate atmosphere.

In the era of a fast pace of life and the constant lack of time, Spa 43 beauty salon meets the needs of our customers, where we care not only about their beauty, but also about their time. In our offer you will find a wide range of treatments performed simultaneously, so that you can spend the remaining time in any way you like.

Check on the TREATMENTS website which treatments you will perform in specific locations of Spa 43 in Wola, Mokotów and in the Center.

Our third office in Warszawa Śródmieście Spa43 on al. Jana Pawła II 64 offers hairdressing services, incl. hair regeneration, hair tests, head mesotherapy, hair peeling, hair reconstruction, hair extensions, coloring, haircut, hair botox, hair keratin and cosmetic and aesthetic medicine services: endermology, Dermapen, acids, Hifu, Med Shape, Therapeutic treatment Pumpkin, Ear Piercing, Needle Mesotherapy, Emson (Fat Burning).

We are for you

A professional team of Spa 43 employees ensures our clients satisfaction with the treatments performed, and the latest generation equipment guarantees their effectiveness. The high quality offered at Spa 43 is complemented by our cooperation with selected cosmetic brands such as: Filorga, Environ, Guinot.

The FOTONA laser, which is a powerhouse in modern laser therapy, also deserves special attention. Thanks to this device, we belong to the elite of surgeries specializing in the treatment of vascular lesions, acne, stretch marks reduction, as well as laser skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal.

Our team

Anna Bondar

Anna Bondar

Właścicielka Spa 43, Kosmetyczka i Manicurzystka

“Life is there to find your own happiness in it. To think beautiful, to look beautiful is like living twice. It is joy at every moment, it is enjoying life to the full … “

From an early age, I diligently attended ballet school. Standing on the stage, nervous, blinded by the glare of the lights, feeling the eyes of the audience on me, hearing my heartbeat, I was transforming from an ordinary girl into a mature, dazzling BUTTERFLY.

It was then that I noticed that women often hide their inner beauty, not realizing how little it takes to bring it out. Already in school, my friends often came for advice on makeup, hairstyle and how to take care of themselves to look really good. Seeing the smile on their faces and the satisfaction with the effects of my metamorphosis, I became convinced that what I am doing really makes sense. I decided to pursue my passion and share it with others. I graduated with honors from the Barbara Jaroszewska Cosmetic School, and many years of experience have helped me find my own way. I gained them while working in prestigious beauty salons, in Sheraton, Marriott and Radisson hotels, as well as for Estee Lauder.

I opened my dream SPA salon because I want every woman to discover her beauty and find time just for herself in this dynamic world. This is my message, my mission. In the SPA 43 salon, each of you will rest in beautiful interiors, relax, take care of your body and rejuvenate it. And all this thanks to exceptional treatments and comprehensive service. I guarantee an unforgettable experience!

See for yourself! I will make sure that your image emphasizes femininity, delicacy and sensuality.

Jolanta Przepiórka

Jolanta Przepiórka


I am a certified beautician with many years of experience and experience that I have gained in reputable salons in Warsaw.

I often call myself a “specialist beautician” because I love my job and I do it with great passion. I feel professionally fulfilled when the client is fully relaxed after the treatment and can see the effect of the treatment. At Spa 43, I perform manual care treatments, epilation, skin treatments, as well as treatments combined with professional equipment. I am convinced, because I checked it, that the combination of knowledge, experience and passion for the work done guarantee success. Privately, I am a mother of four-year-old Kacper and six-month-old Wiktor, a fan of fitness games and the owner of a radiant smile that I give to everyone around.



Kosmetyczka - Recepcjonistka

My name is oliwia. She specializes in the field of hair and cosmetology. I enjoy working with people, which also translates into treatments that I try to do as best I can. Privately, I am a very family person and I like to spend time with my relatives, I love animals, so I always have some pets with me. In my free time, I like to cook and bake sweets ?

Magda Lewandowska

Magda Lewandowska


I am a Master of Physiotherapy, I graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. I have gained professional experience in health care facilities and renowned SPA & Wellness centers. FDM therapist (Fasicial Distorsion Model) and wellness instructor. I specialize in soft tissue therapy (including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, fascia manipulation). My passion for work means that I am constantly expanding my knowledge by participating in specialized training courses, workshops and conferences. Prywatnie instruktor kulturystki i miłośniczka zdrowego stylu życia.

Dawid Zapłata

Dawid Zapłata


I am a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education (2004), where I also completed postgraduate studies at the rehabilitation department (2006), then I completed a 5-year study in Osteopathy at Osteopathie Schule Deutschland – Osteopathy Academy (2012). From a young age I was interested in sports (I trained Judo, Karate, Thai boxing, BJJ), due to the fact that they are trauma sports, with time I became interested in various methods of treatment.
My passion has become to study man, asking myself questions about the relations between some structures and others, how does man function and how to reach him in order to bring out his health? How is the whole divided into parts and at the same time joins them together? Searching for answers to these questions, I found Osteopathy, a manual medicine that explains how function interacts with structure and creates health and beauty that define a person. Through osteopathic treatments, I effectively help in pain and functional disorders arising from overload, post-traumatic conditions, operations or accidents. I have many years of experience in the rehabilitation of people that I have gained, among others in hotels: Marriott, Hilton, clinics: Dantex-Med, Medi-Partner. I successfully conduct the therapy:

  • in pain syndromes during pregnancy: backache, headaches, limb swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation, prolonged upper respiratory tract infections,
  • in postpartum complaints, loosening scars and adhesions after cesarean section,
  • in chronic pelvic pain in women,
  • in acute and chronic back pain,
  • shoulders, knees and other joints,
  • in case of digestive ailments (reflux, constipation),
  • after operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity and chest,
  • supportive when there are difficulties with getting pregnant,
  • in post-traumatic and post-accident conditions (e.g. whiplash),
  • in headaches and dizziness,
  • in dysfunctions and pains in the area of the temporomandibular joint,
  • soothing in psychophysical tension