LYCON are known all over the world and the are produced only from the beast ingredients: natural waxes and aroma therapeutical oils.

Thanks to the unique and highest quality ingredients, a very precise epilation removes even 1 mm hair. Thanks to special oils, they are delicate, nourishing and soothing ate the same time.

legs 150 PLN
calves 80 PLN

thighs 100 PLN

forearms 60 PLN
hands 80 PLN
abdomen 60 PLN

back 150 PLN
torso 80 PLN

bikini 80 PLN
bikini Brazilian 150 PLN
buttocks 120PLN

armpits 60 PLN
moustache 40 PLN
beard 40 PLN
sideburns 40 PLN
eyebrows 40 PLN
nostrils 20 PLN
bikini for men 260 PLN