Choose the Beauty Makeover to make your dreams come true!
In SPA 43 you can change your hair style and your dress style. But if you want more, you can change your image and turn the clock several years back!
We can change your life for better! You just need to make the decision about the change!
What does the Beauty Makeover look like?
The first step is the consultation during which we talk with you about your expectations, needs and dreams. We check the condition of your skin and your health condition. Then, we create your tailor-made plan of treatments. The consultations are conducted by Anna Bondar, the owner of SPA 43.
The Beauty Makeover overview
Each Makeover – like each woman – is different. We select the types of treatments and the way of performing them. The treatments are scheduled in the way to bring the best effects for you.
Which treatments can you have as part of the Makeover?
In SPA 43 we offer a wide assortment of treatments, which we can recommend to you as a part of your Makeover:  
  • we get rid of wrinkles, we model and illuminate the face,
  • thanks to the newest laser equipment, we will cure pigmentations, broken capillaries, stretch marks, scars and excessive hair growth.  
  • our body care experts will slim and firm your body,
  • our beauticians will make sure your skin and looks are illuminating,
  • our hand care specialists will take care of your hands and nails,
  • we will recommend you a day make-up and an evening make-up,
  • in SPA 43 we are also experts at permanent make-up. We can permanently highlight the natural beauty of your face.

The Finale of the Makeover

After all the treatments, you can make a photo session by us. Use this opportunity if you want to keep the moments and memories of this beautiful adventure for longer.  In the Makeover finale, you may use the service of a hair stylist, of a make-up stylist and of a clothing stylist.

The price of the Beauty Makeover with SPA 43

The budget is estimated individually and depends on the number and type of treatments. We offer attractive discounts for the package of treatments chosen for the Makeover.