Exilis is a ground-breaking system which melts fat tissue and models the body. It is a competition to invasive liposuction and injection lipolysis treatments. It combines the mechanisms, which, so far, have been implemented separately – ultrasound therapy and radiofrequency. It is the fastest, the safest and a very effective way to improve the firmness and elasticity of skin. The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence. It is very popular among Polish celebrities

For whom recommended:
• overweight people
•people with localized fat deposits
• people with cellulite
• people with loos skin

Exilis brings excellent effect on all the body: e.g. on thighs, abdomen, buttocks. Even very resistant fat cells are broken down. The effects are visible after the first treatment.

The best effects are achieved after 4-6 treatments performed with 7-10 days intermissions (the intermission should not last longer than 14 days). Clinical research confirms the waist decreasing by 6-9 cm after 4 treatments.

After the series of treatments, the following effects are observed:
• fat tissue reduction waist reduction (even by 5cm)
• younger and softer skin
• increased production of new collagen
• firming the skin
• cellulite reduction
• skin thickness
• body slimming

The slimming effects last for long because a fat cell which has been destroyed is not able to regenerate. Exilis may be combined with lymphatic drainage, which brings the effects unachievable with other technology.

Indications after the treatment:
• low-fat diet
• lymphatic drainage
• reducing physical activity directly after the treatment.
• increased drinking – not less than 4l/day
• walking to speed up metabolism

• vein inflammations
• blood diseases
• thrombosis
• tuberculosis
• fever
• cancer
• pregnancy and breastfeeding
• heart, kidneys, liver diseases
• herpes
• menstruation
• wound or infection in the treated area
• taking antibiotics
• heart ventricle or pacemaker
• metal implant in treatment areas
• uncured cardiovascular disorders


Exilis for body:

1 body area 450 PLN

2 body areas 800 PLN

Package of 4 treatments(1 body area) 1000 PLN

Exilis for face: 600 PLN