EAT SkinShock is an innovative solution of non-invasive skin firming. Used in anti-cellulite therapies, it spectacularly improves cell metabolism, reduces swellings and removes metabolic side products.
SkinShock is also used to reduce scars and stretch marks. EAT SkinShock is conducted with the use of a special trademark head which uses acoustic and electrical waves for a particular tissue area. Thanks to this advanced technology, the body is immediately firm and rejuvenated through regeneration of tissue and intensive collage production.
The body areas treated with Skin Shock are: abdomen, sides, buttocks, thighs and shoulders.

For who recommended:
For the persons with:
• loose skin,
• not firm skin,
• stretch marks,
• cellulite,
• scars.

The effectiveness of EAT SkinShock has been proven in multiple clinical research. SkinShock causes:
• rebuilding of collagen
• scars reduction
• stretch marks reduction
• firming loose skin
• improvement of skin color and texture
• increased skin firmness and elasticity
• softening the irregularities after liposuction and lipolysis
• elimination of metabolic side products

The first effects are visible after 4 treatments, but for best results, the series of 6-8 treatments is recommended, repeated every 2 do 4 days. After the series, the effects are long-term. To emphasize the effects, we recommend to combine SkinShock with “Exilis” treatment or with Body Health.

Indications after the treatment:
Increased amount of liquids to drink is recommended

• permanent
• varicose veins
• blood clotting
• Parkinson’s disease
• multiple sclerosis
• cancer
• epilepsy
• open wounds in the treatment area
• pacemaker
• lack of feeling in the treatment area
• using antithrombotic medicines
• metal implants in the treated places


EAT SkinShock

1 body area 250 PLN