Cryolift is a unique rejuvenating treatment which combines three elements:

  • cryotherapy – lifting by cold
  • LED light therapy,
  • exclusive active substances which contain cell extracts from salmon caviar

Cryotherapy is a therapy by cold. It enables the transportation of active substances into the skin and stimulates microcirculation and cells oxidizing. The choice of the cream applied afterwards is chosen individually according to the client’s needs (moisturizing gels, regenerating, softening or rejuvenating creams)

LED light therapy uses four types of light, which penetrate into different skin levels and act in different layers. They are used to reduce ageing, to improve skin condition and to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Moreover, it fights acne and scars and help to reduce pigmentation.

The effectiveness and safety of the therapy are confirmed by numerous scientific and specialist recommendations.


The effects are visible after one treatment. Cryolift refreshes, firms and stimulate the skin. It restores the face oval, lifts eye lids and cheeks and It reduces “hamsters”. It firms the inside side of the shoulders, abdomen skin and breast skin, and it helps to reduce stretch marks after pregnancy.

Cryolift may be used separately or together with other aesthetic medicine treatments, such as peeling or mesotherapy. Cryolift is used on small body parts, on face, neck and lower neck. It can be use all year round.


sinus, herpes, cold, recurrent migraines.

Price: 550 PLN